Will I need to buy a SIM card in Kyoto?

SIM cards can be found in Japan for about 1000 yen per 1GB (prepaid).

These can be bought in convenience stores and electronics stores (at the airport or in town) and require no ID (may require basic registration process). Roaming data in Japan is expensive, especially using AT&T or Verizon.

However, the easier solution may be to rent a mobile WiFi hotspot. These cost around $10 per day for unlimited use.

Although free Wifi can be found in most stores, public spaces and restaurants, it can be spotty on the streets, so renting a mobile WiFi hotspot is your best bet.

Is free WiFi internet access easy to find in Kyoto?

Free WiFi is easy to find but sometimes requires payment.

Most stores, malls, stations, and other public spaces have free WiFi, but it can be harder to find in the outskirts of town (where many temples are located) or on the streets.

Your best bet is to rent a mobile WiFi hotspot.

Do cafes offer free WiFi?

Most cafes and restaurants offer free WiFi.

Is there good mobile phone coverage in Kyoto?

Mobile phone coverage is pretty good in Kyoto. This includes coverage for mobile WiFi hotspots (which rely on cellular data).