Are there any budget hotels near Kansai International Airport?

Since KIX is in southern Osaka, there are no hotels in Kyoto near KIX. But there are many hotels near KIX.

Japanese hotels charge per person, and hotels in that vicinity charge 2500-6500 yen per person.

These are for normal hotels with shower, washlet toilet, TV, wifi, and safe. More expensive hotels such as Hotel Nikko (at KIX) start at 10,000 or 12,500 yen per person.

It is my first time in Kyoto, where should I stay?

Staying in or near the downtown areas is best for first time travelers looking to be as conveniently located as possible. This includes areas such as:

Kawaramachi, Gion and Shijo Karasuma. These areas make up downtown Kyoto, with Gion being the ancient district (full of traditional houses, restaurants and boutique ryokan). The area provides great access to Higashiyama region (many temples, shrines, and traditional districts) and within reach by train the Imperial Palace, Arashiyama, and Ginkakuji.

Kyoto Station. Kyoto Station puts JR, Kintetsu, Subway, and bus lines directly at your fingertips

Higashiyama is a great area to stay in: the northern district is more quiet and closer to the mountains, while the southern area is full of activity, This area can get expensive but puts you within reach of the mountains, temples, and downtown.

Hotels are very common especially in these districts and range from small business hotels to large resorts.

Guesthouses are much more affordable for solo travelers and can be shared dorms or private rooms.

Ryokan are traditional Japanese resorts which often feature delicious meals, relaxing hot spring bath (onsen), and an authentic Japanese experience.

Airbnbs can be cheaper than the aforementioned options but are somewhat unreliable.

You can also rent beautifully restored Machiyas (townhouses) built centuries ago. These are expensive but truly worth a treat.

Accommodation typePrice range
Budget guesthouse2000-5000
Cheap ryokan3500-7500
Business hotel4000-8000
Mid-range hotel and ryokan8000-15000
Luxury hotel, ryokan and boutique hotel15000-20000


Budget guesthouses cost 2000-5000 yen, cheap ryokan cost 3500-7500 yen, and business hotels cost 4000-8000 yen, per person per night. Mid-range hotels and ryokan cost 8000-15000 yen per person per night. Luxury hotels, ryokans (with at least two meals), and boutique hotels will cost at least 15000 or 20000 yen per person per night. Although ryokan are expensive, Kyoto is the place to try the whole experience (from meals, onsen hot springs, the architecture, etc).

What are some of the best value for money hotels in Kyoto?

Some of the best value for money hotels in Kyoto include Glanz kei Gion Shinmonzen, Hotel Excellence Kyoto Hachijo, Hotel Unizo Shijo Karasuma, and Toyoko Inn on the lower tier.

These are all located conveniently downtown, offering amazingly cheap prices.

Recommended mid-range and higher end accommodations include Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Kyoto Premier, Sunroute Kyoto, Cross Hotel, Hotel Okura, Hyatt Regency, Saka Hotel, Granvia Hotel Kyoto, and Westin Miyako.

These hotels are conveniently located, offer great service, and are a good value package.

However, prices do vary significantly, so they may not necessarily be the cheapest option out there.

Travel sites such as Expedia and offer the best deals and most selection.

What are some of the best value for money hostels in Kyoto?

The best hostels in Kyoto include Kyoto Morris, Mosaic, Piece, Soi, Fujitaya, Hana, and Kaede guesthouses.

These are recommended for great pricing, modern architecture and furnishing, and convenient location.

What’s the best area to stay in Kyoto for families?

The best area to stay in for families are Higashiyama, Gion, Kawaramachi or near Kyoto Station (good for trainspotters).