Will I need to buy a SIM card in Manila?

This is not Singapore, so you can’t rely on Wi-Fi alone.

Although 70% of restaurants and public places offer free Wi-Fi, the connection won’t be stable, which makes it harder for you as a traveler.

It is highly recommended to get yourself a SIM card from the airport, and it retails for less than USD 1. No need to present your ID; it is just like purchasing a bottle of water.

Also, you will need to load credit to activate your 4G. The salesperson can help you do this as it is a bit complicated.

The credit you need depends on how much you consume; to be on the safer side, buy at least USD 5 worth of credit.

Make sure to turn your data off once you are connected to free Wi-Fi.

If you are staying in Manila, the Globe Network SIM Card is more reliable, but if you’re going out of Manila and traveling to other provinces, get a Smart one.

Is free WiFi internet access easy to find in Manila?

Yes. Most hotels, restaurants, coffee shops have it.

But you would need to purchase an item to get the code, especially in cafes.

Do cafes offer free WiFi?

It’s not technically free – you do have to order something from the cafe.

Is the internet in Manila fast/reliable?

If you have experienced the internet in another country, then you are probably going to curse your way through an average speed of 6.05 Mbps – it takes two hours to download 5GB!

The Philippines ranked 97th in 2018 among the world’s fastest internet speeds, but unfortunately, though Wi-Fi is faster, data lags far behind.